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National Drug Facts Week is Coming

National Drug Facts Week was launched in 2010 by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to counteract the myths we get from the internet, TV, movies, music or friends. In community and school events all over America, teens and experts will come together for an honest conversation about how drugs affect the brain, body and behavior.

Angus King Reps visit Capitol Clubhouse

Edie Smith, State Director, and Teague Morris, Constituent Services Director, representatives from the office of Angus King visited Capitol Clubhouse Tuesday, November 25th. They were given a tour of the clubhouse and met multiple members who told them about their experiences since joining the clubhouse and the positive influence it has had on their work life. Edie and Teague hope to get King’s office more involved with the clubhouse model by keeping in communications with clubhouse directors and by educating members about the efforts and goals of Angus King’s office.