Community Integration Services

Community Integration Services

Community Integration Services meets the needs of adults and families who experience severe and persistent mental illness, trauma, emotional and behavioral problems. Consumers are provided with support and assistance in the community. We offer non-traditional outreach as well as unique, specialized group services. Providers offer quality-of-life services to mental health consumers who reside in area boarding homes. We offer services in support of the consumer’s recovery, thereby improving quality of life and sense of purpose.

To qualify for CIS, consumers must be diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness or a personality disorder with decreased levels of functioning. Along with a qualifying diagnosis, consumers will have a history of psychiatric hospitalizations or be an AMHI class member. Consumers are discharged from CIS if they no longer use or need the service, or cannot be safely served.

Consumers are linked to needed services such as vocational rehabilitation, peer resources, crisis services and legal services. Program staff advocate as necessary. Services are primarily delivered in the community or in alternative environments that are safe.

CIS adult case managers help consumers in getting basic needs met such as housing, food and entitlements. Consumers participate with their adult case managers in assessments and evaluations, in setting goals, and in developing a comprehensive individualized support plan describing the services or interventions they need.

For more information about KBH's Community Integration Services, contact the Access Center at 1-888-322-2136.