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Kennebec Behavioral Health provides information here that will give you a broader context for issues related to mental health and substance abuse, or about our services and history. Please feel free to contact us at if you would like to request specific information or resources.  

"No Small Work" Video
Kennebec Behavioral Health works in partnership with the State of Maine, the Maine Health Access Foundation, our sister agencies and the people we serve to understand the complex reasons for health disparities. These disparities take the lives of people with mental illness, on average, 25 years before their peers. Our shared goal is to craft solutions that will improve health care. The members of Capitol Clubhouse who participated in the filming of this video unanimously asked that their names be used. Their contributions were defined by this determination and commitment. Their willingness to disclose their struggles and vulnerability and their grace and dignity in doing so are reason enough to do what needs to be done to bring them and their peers back from the margins of our health care system.
New Multi-Media Resource Available
Agency clients and staff have access to a library of royalty-free music for clinically related multimedia projects. This music is made available thanks to the Royalty Free Music Grant Program. This grant program provides music and sound effects for non-profit clinical and education related projects such as theatrical productions, tech-based programs, film, television, PowerPoint presentations and web sites. Access to this music requires a user name and password. The link to this award-winning library of royalty-free music is
  • Understanding the acronyms: Health care providers often use a short-hand language of abbreviations to discuss symptoms, a diagnosis, a program, agency or modality of care. We hope you find the this list of acronyms and their meanings helpful as you learn about our programs and services.
  • AMHI Consent Decree: This off-site Maine DHHS page about the old Augusta Mental Health Institute (AMHI) includes a settlement agreement that sets forth requirements to improve the mental health system in Maine. These goals include continuity of care, the offering of services available close to an individual's home and an array of services available in a timely manner.
  • Related information: An AMHI timeline, from the 1840s to 2004; your rights under the decree; oral histories of "the People of AMHI"; and an AMHI news ticker (Google).
About Mental Illness
Mental illness: just the facts
Data from the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the National Council to help you understand mental illness and its effects.