On-site Mental Health Services at Schools Show Promise in Maine and Georgia

A recent article about a mental health school-based program in a middle school in Georgia recently was published in the Gainesville Times. As part of a Georgia Apex Program, East Hall Middle School provided an on-site clinical professional counselor to students who were in need of mental health care.

The principal of this school, Kristin Finley, noted that many students were excelling academically due to the introduction of mental health services.

This article showcases the need for mental health services in schools. For years now, Kennebec Behavioral Health has provided mental health services in schools in collaboration with parents and school staff through its School-Based Services.

When a child is struggling with an emotional or behavioral challenge, there are often obstacles that prevent that child from receiving the care they need. Lost school days, parents missing work, lack of transportation and the associated costs for children who did receive services often led to negative consequences for students’ academic performance.

With school based mental health programs, students can receive the care they need without leaving school grounds. KBH serves hundreds of such students and at East Hall Middle School in Georgia, attendance has improved, grades are up, suspensions are down and other benefits are showing.

Mental health is a universal issue but solutions can also be universal. Schools in Maine and Georgia alike have found the importance of mental health care in schools and hopefully, more schools will follow.


Learn more about KBH’s School-Based program here or read the full article about the Georgia Apex Program here.

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