Back to School Tips

Making the transition from summer to school can be difficult for students and their parents. Here are a few quick ways to make this transition easier:


Re-Establish School Routines

Re-establish school routines a couple weeks before school starts. Routines may include waking up and eating breakfast and lunch around the times your child will when school is in session. Establishing these routines will make it easier for the student to adjust when school begins.


Make it a Family Affair

Make going back to school a family affair by sitting down together, setting rules and discussing anxieties everyone has. Then, focus on tackling the most important concerns.


Setup a Homework Space

Before school starts, determine where homework will be done and gather sup­plies needed. The space should be in a calmer area where the student feels comfortable. Try to make it as organized as possible. Organized spaces actually decrease stress.


Lower Certain Goals

Set realistic goals when will motivate the student but not cause them undue stress. Instead of setting a goal to be getting the highest grade in the class, set a goal to feel satisfied with performance. Discuss this with the family and/or a teacher.


Take Breaks When Needed

Taking breaks when stressed or frustrated with homework can be beneficial. Take 15 minutes to do something that is enjoyable and relaxing. Everyone needs a break to clear his or her head.


Find What Relaxes You            

School is stressful, so it is important to find hobbies or activities that lower stress. Reading a fun book, exercising or listening to music can help boost performance by lowering anxiety. However, try to limit TV time and social media which can actually increase stress. Try to do an activity you enjoy for at least 15 minutes every day.

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